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Project Journal

Since the beginning of May, we have been working hard with the Reduce the Juice project. We found that before we could even implement our program we had to read up on energy conservation. So, for a few days we focused on learning about the environment and energy issues that will be used to educate the student auditors and the residence of Shelburne...




Hello, Although everybody has long since been back at school Reduce the Juice has still been a work in progress. Between analyzing all of the data that we collected and putting it into a report some Reduce The Juice members have had a busy fall.

In particular our project manager Theresa Sauren has been diligently working to compile all of the data that we gave her into our long awaited report which you can read for yourself:

(Download the FINAL REPORT)

Another exciting Reduce the Juice event was the visit of Ontario’s Chief Energy Conservation Officer Peter Love to Center Dufferin District High School to present a certificate to the Reduce the Juice Project. Although Reduce the Juice is a community based project it was really neat to gain this type of recognition on the provincial level and it really made us feel like we have accomplished our goal of being a small initiative in a small town trying to make big changes.

Sarah Fairlie - Student Team Leader Reduce the Juice



Hello Again, Summer is over and the Reduce The Juice team members have all returned back to their respective schools covering a range from Calgary to Montreal and of course Shelburne to keep reminding people to conserve!

Lots has happened since our last journal entry. The Fiddleville parade was a great success and we have to commend Janine (the efficient machine) for marching the parade route in a fridge costume and our project manager's son Jacob for being such a trooper in the wagon… although I think he may have just done it for the candy.

Due of the great response that we received from the town we decided to extend our program by a week and finished our door to door visits in town on the 12th of August. We spent this extra week doing a follow up survey where we asked Shelburners to give us feedback on the success of their pledges and offered them lawn signs so that they could show off their commitment to our program.

For a couple of weeks in August the streets of Shelburne were dotted with blue lawn signs. In total 150 were hammered onto lawns by the Reduce the Juice team but unfortunately we underestimated the demand and ran out! We would like to apologize to those who didn’t get one.

On the last day of our door to door visits we went around town and gave out prizes for our draw which included an Energuide audit as well as packages from Zerodraft, a lunch at the Jelly Craft Bakery and some Reduce the Juice T-Shirts. Congratulations to all our winners!

It was a great summer full of amazing opportunities for all of us involved and I want to thank all of our sponsors, all those who supported us and above all the people of Shelburne for being so receptive to our program and making it such a success.

Sarah Fairlie - Student Team Leader Reduce the Juice


July 27th

Hello everybody! The summer is going great! We have now officially visited 591 homes in Shelburne including the house of our mayor Ed Crewson where we gave him some helpful tips on how to conserve with his indoor pool. We have seen a lot of new and exciting things in the last week such as our visit to watch an Energuide Audit at the home of our local MP David Tilson's house. click here to see the press release for this event.

We have also become TV stars with stories about us on both the New VR and the Weather Network. We have found that it has really helped us a lot for our door to door work that people recognize us from TV, and it also makes people more willing to get involved.

Although our project is almost at its end we have already surpassed our goal of 500 homes and plan to visit far more in our remaining week and a half, this has all been because of the support from the residents of Shelburne. We are looking forward to our upcoming triathlon and our appearance in the Fiddleville parade!

Until then remember conserving energy is as easy as flicking a switch.


July 7th

We started going door to door this weekend behind the high school. Although it seems like a lot of people are on vacation, we have received a lot of pledges from the households that we have visited.

It is interesting to see people's reactions when we tell them about phantom loads and how much electricity their TV uses while it is turned off. I'm also very impressed by the number of families that already have compact fluorescent light bulbs in their homes.

With what I have learned in the past two weeks about climate change and the greenhouse effect, I am beginning to see why our program is the most suitable way for Shelburne to reduce harmful emissions. Driving less, electricity conservation, and planting more trees seem like the most practical solutions for a residential area such as this to do its part to slow climate change.

I'm so excited to find out if our project is going to be successful. I know that it can be and I hope that it is!

Alicia - a Reduce the Juice student auditor


June 16th

After a few days of becoming familiar with some helpful brochures and literature, we began shifting our focus to Shelburne’s First Community Energy Conference. To see our virtual conference click here The conference was our chance to show the town of Shelburne our program and have an official launch. The conference was held on June 4th in the Grace Tipling Hall. PURE and Reduce the Juice welcomed speakers Alistair Miller, William Tharp and Ken Nakahara. The speakers provided the audience with information on climate change, investing in environmental projects and the province’s role in energy conservation. We were pleased to welcome the mayor to our event, and appreciative that Ed Crewson and the people of Shelburne are very supportive of our project.

The conference was helpful to those who were able to attend. We learned a lot about what is happening in the environment from the viewpoint of our town and the world. We also learned how important it is for society to become aware. We feel that our most important job this summer is to bring awareness to the growing town of Shelburne, and letting people know that energy conservation doesn’t have to cost a lot, but that it starts with making energy conscious decisions and knowing that we can change things and improve our standards of living. We thank all of those who attended and all of those who support this significant project.

More recently we have been focusing on recruiting the high school students for the 4 student auditor positions. We have been pleased with the response we have been getting and are confident that there are eager and strong students who are capable of making the people of Shelburne introduce energy conservation into their daily lives.

We hope to have the student auditors hired by the 20th. On the 28th we will begin training and starting in July you can look for us on the streets getting our project rolling!

Keep checking the Project journal for summaries of what the Reduce the Juice team has been up to!

Sarah and Sarah – Your Reduce the Juice team leaders



Reduce The Juice - now available at: www.reducethejuice.ca